Signs you Need to Go for an Eye Test

A lot of people overlook the importance of going for a regular eye test, and this can come with disastrous results. Not only is it important to catch changes to your eyesight before they do permanent damage, but optician can also give a good indication of any underlying health problems like diabetes and high cholesterol. Eye tests should ideally be done yearly, unless your optician states otherwise, in which case they will assess your eye health and tell you when you are due to come in next. There are a few signs you can look out for which will indicate that you need an eye test:

Blurry vision

It is usual for your eyes to be a bit blurry if you have just woken up, or you have Hayfever or another allergy or medical condition to cause this, but if a few weeks have passed and you feel your eyesight is consistently blurry, you should see your optician as soon as possible. There are two types of blurry vision that can occur and indicate you may need an eye test. If the blurry vision comes on suddenly, this could be a sign of a larger health issue. If you get blurry vision that gradually comes on, this could be a sign of deteriorating eye health.
Any kind of visual disturbance

There are a few different types of visual disturbance which can indicate it is time to see an optician. These can include:

Floaters are quite hard to describe unless you have experienced them, but they tend to look like particles of dust floating in front of you. If you are experience these for longer and an hour or so, then you should go and get your eyes tested.

Flashes of light 

Flashes of light can occur when you have an underlying problem. This is especially true if they are also accompanied by headaches. If you have been looking at a bright light for a while, flashing lights can occur afterwards, but if you have not and they are a regular occurrences you will need to get an eye test as soon as you can.
Eye pain/strain

Eye strain or pain is one of the most common indicators that you need to go for an eye test. One of the most common causes is the eyesight in one eye being quite bad, so the other eye works harder to compensate for it. This can often lead to a strain which will cause pain around the eye area or in the head. Although there are a lot of conditions that can cause eye strain or headaches, if this is something you appear to be suffering from frequently it can indicate that you need glasses or a new prescription on your existing ones.


This is again a symptom or poor eyesight that can be confused with other health issues. There are two ways to go about this, which are to go for an eye test first to see if the headache is related to eye strain, or go to your doctor. Because of the number of different things that can cause a headache with health, it is easier to go for an eye test first. If they eliminate any eye health problems, you can then visit the Doctor, but if they tell you this is a vision problem it can be rectified then and there without the need for further tests. Most opticians now do thorough tests on eye health as well as vision, so there are many issues that can be picked up when you visit your optician.